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Alarm System
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IES - HA816W Wireless Alarm

Professional 8 wired zones, supports 16 wireless zones,
GSM/PSTN dual network alarm system.

High-speed digital communications, using Adecom 4 + 2 or Contact ID communication protocol handshake frequency can beselected, dial-up speed of hand be selected, to the alarm Center to submit signals

An advanced set of primary key, four groups of common user passwords, passwords can be assigned sector disarm features accessaries for modular, flexible use

GSM dual networks dial function,throught GPRS network communication function

“Zero call” disarm communications funtions of the Centre; Telephone remote control and remote telephone programming

You can extend up to 6 keypad

Hosts with a set of automated deployment time

Built-in voice module, recordable 10-20 second voice, voice alarm

Alarm voice broadcast feature, zone alarm dial telephone user can play the audio and information

Channel switching value output , can be used for simultaneous lighting; way PGM output feature

Two-way communication feature on and off, he can really ‘shout’ alarm

Remote control, alarm control such as configuring monitoring. You can remotely monitor and verify the alarm

Auto recovery: after a power failure when a power supply is restored, before powering down the information and host settings do not alter

Digital high-frequency filtering, application of ADSL lines; Opto-isolated circuit design, with Super anti-shock function

Backup power supply. 24 hours after a power failure

A “watchdog” function to prevent crashes
Product model
Sector number (wired) 8 - channel
Sector number (wireless) Maximum 16 channels
Power supply input 185-245VAC, 50HZ
Current consumption 80mA
Maximum power Less than 20W
Alarm output More than 40mA, DC12v
Wireless frequency 315MhZ
The ambient temperature -10°C
Environment humidity 40 - 70%
Container sizes 255mm x 265mm x 85mm