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IES 8 Channel h.264 Real Time HIGH DEFINITION

IES 8 channel H.264 Real-Time High Definition Hybrid Network
AHD DVR combines the function of“DVR/HVR/NVR” with built-in VGA
& HDMI video output.


Compression algorithm upgraded to H.264 High Profile,more advanced video compression technique makes the code stream lowered at least 30%.

Completely new graphics operating interface design, to let you experience easily and conveniently.

SDVR combines the functions of DVR/HVR/NVR together, multi-mode input ( support analog video, Analog HD video, network HD video input). No need to worry how to be compatible with analog system, to choose DVR or HVR, just one SDVR can work.

Super Strong processing capacity: can realize 8CH AHD 720P realtime recording and 8CH AHD realtime playback synchronously.

Support main stream and extra steam encode synchronously. Main stream is for local storage to maintain the image quality, extra stream is for network real-time transmission, to easily solve the bottleneck problem of bandwidth.

Support super cloud service (this function is optional, specialized website forsuper cloud service: www.dvrcenter.net), one step to do remote control easily & conveniently without any complicated setting.

Powerful net service(support DHCP、PPPOE、FTP、DNS、DDNS、ARSP(www.dvrcenter.com)、NTP、UPNP、EMAIL、IP authority、IP search、alarm center, etc),complete enclosure(WEB、CMS、SDK),to easily achieve interconnection.

Built-in IE plugs, no need to install from CD disk independently.

Support 3G & WIFI extension.

Support multi-browser(IE、Chrome、Firefox、Safari).

Support kinds of mobile monitor(iPhone,BlackBerry, Android)

Multiplex operation : Preview, recording, playback, backup, network live, mobile phone view; all operations are independent of each other.

Support many recording modes: Auto-continuing recording, timing recording, motion detection recording.

Playback mode support normal play, speed play, fast back play, manual and single-frame play.

Many backup device: USB flash disk, USB portable HDD and network.

Support alarm triggered recording will send alerts matter (some models support sending picture) to the designated email.

Support pre-alarm recording (before 10 sec),not lose any suspicious screen.

Twenty kinds of language(English、Finnish、French、German,Greek、Italian、Japanese,Polish、Portuguese、Russian,Spanish、Thai、Simplified Chinese、Chinese-Traditional、Turkish, etc),break up country limitation.

System auto recovery to power after power reconnected, and return to the pre-power-down state
Product model
Main processor Industrial grade embedded micro controller chip Huawei HIS chipset Hi3531
Operating system Embedded LINUX operating system
System resource Multi-channel real-time recording synchronously, multi-channel real-time playback, multi-channel multi-user network operation, USB back up.
Operation interface 16 bit real color GUI interface support mouse operation
Display screen (Take all analog input as an example, others are depended on the selected channel mode)1/4/8/9 screen
Image encode H.264(High Profile)
Monitor quality VGA:1080P ;HDMI:1080P
Playback quality Max support 1080P under HVR and NVR mode;Max support AHD 720P under DVR mode
Encode capability 8CH AHD 720P real time(DVR mode)
Decode capability 8CH AHD 720P real time(DVR mode)
Multi-mode video input DVR mode :8CH*AHDM/8CH*AHDL
HVR mode:4CH*AHDM+4CH*720P
NVR mode:20CH*960H/4CH*1080P/1CH*1080P+8CH*720P
Motion detection Each channel can set 192(16*12)detection area;can set multi-level of flexibility (for local analog channel only)
Audio compression G.711A
Record mode Manualalarmmotion detectiontiming
Local playback 1-8ch playback synchronously; Under the mode of DVR, Max support 8CH AHD 720P real time playback synchronously
Video search Timedateeventchannel search
Space occupation Video :CIF 4~5G/day*channel
D1 8~10G/day*channel
720P 20G/day*channel
 audio :691.2M/day*channel
Video storage Local HDD Network
Back up mode Network backupUSB portable HDDUSB DVD-RW
Video input 8CH BNC
Video output 1CH VGA1CH HDMI
Audio input 4CH RCA
Audio output 1CH RCA
Alarm input 4CH
Alarm output 1CH
Network port RJ45 10M/100M self-adaptive Ethernet port
PTZ control 1 RS485 support multi kinds of PTZ Protocol
USB port 2*USB2.0
HDD port 2 SATAeach max support 4TB
Wireless port 3GWIFI(extension via USB port)
Tour Yes
Remote controller Yes
Power 12V/3A
Dimension 325(Length) x 230(Width) x 52(Height)